Monday, August 8, 2011

The afternoon class lik the apple smiles. We also tasted red apples, green apples and yellow apples. Green was the favorite by far!

A is for antennae and apple smiles!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Eggs Everywhere!

This week was so much fun for the preschoolers! We had a fieldtrip to the firestation, and that went so well! It seemed everyone enjoyed themselves and it was so cute seeing the children in the truck! This was also the week of our Easter party! We had so much fun celebrating the holiday. We played Easter games and made crafts. For snack Royce brought what we needed to make our snack so cute! We made Easter nests. :)

Time for Easter!

This week was filled with fun! We had so much going on! On Tuesday we had our fieldtrip to the fire station. The preschoolers seemed to have really enjoyed themselves! This was also the week of our Easter party! We read books about Easter and made crafts! We made little Easter creatures! They could make either a bunny or a chick. For snack we made an Easter nest! Avery brought what we needed to make our snack delicious and so cute! Dominic enjoyed it so much we had to take a picture!

Learning about safety!

This week we learned about being safe! We read books about police officers and firefighters! We watched the short movie Officer Buckle and Gloria which teaches children safety tips! For snack we made firetrucks and Wil brought in what we needed to make them great! We also made our own firetrucks out of boxes this week. They turned out so cute and we had a great time making them! :)

Safety first!

This week we learned how to be safe! Cody's dad Chris Cooper came to teach the preschoolers about police officers! He talked to them about calling 911 and how important it is to know your address and phone number. They were able to sit in his police car and see just what a police man a does! We made firetrucks for snack to get ready for our feld trip! Cooper brout what we needed and they turned ot just adorable!

Rumble in the Jungle!

We finised our alphabet and started learning about rhyming! We read rhyming books this week including Rumble in the Jungle. For snack we made cereal necklaces and counted 20 peices of cereal on the necklaces. Abner brought what we needed for snack this week. We learned about the color yellow and made a yellow collage with our show and tell!